new music and free whaaatttt

2015-01-26 16:40:53 by ZxOOxZ

new music be sure to check it out if your following or if your not o.O def listen to my newest preview id love the support and thanks to you whoalready follow!!!!!!! - z


Wait...More Music?

2014-09-16 18:23:49 by ZxOOxZ

Yes more music, things i am not able to post here on newgrounds is right there on Soundcloud so be sure to stop in and check it out!

Among Monsters

2014-03-28 11:05:59 by ZxOOxZ

Hey Guys!

Zx here just letting you guys know about the new album I released last week, be sure to check it out it has some of my best work to date and I think youd really enjoy it so be sure to check it out and download the Among Monsters CD on bandcamp, or come to my show a get a free CD!!!!!!! Thank you all for the support I really love you guys youve pushed me this far and I really really wub you all!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight Come out to Detroit to Listen to me live at Lelunds on April 3rd Tavern On The Square and April 5th still has to be announced be sure to find me on facebook!

New Music!

2013-06-13 19:54:36 by ZxOOxZ

Hey guys! So I just finished putting music up on all my pages and updating all my site including a new Facebook band page I think its pretty cool. it took a while and only because ReverbNation made me connect it so hey guys you should go LIKE it cause I know you want to stay updated on your social Networks ^^, plus it would help me out a ton keeping up my inner Mor-aaaaal XD anyway go check it out its fun or look me up on facebook ZxO.oxZ!

LIKE my new facebook band page please!

New Music!

A Dead Society

2012-10-29 11:55:34 by ZxOOxZ

A Dead Society - New track on my soundcloud, can't put it up here because it has samples from the walking dead so im redoing a version just for soundcloud but just so you can see it in the way its supposed to just go to my soundcloud.

Another Track

2012-08-10 07:28:15 by ZxOOxZ

I did a number of Xiaolin Showdown Tracks that sadly can also not be posted although I did post my Instrumental so check that out, heres the link to the three soundcloud tracks!
1 x turns-zx

Another Track

Recall This

2012-08-07 00:38:26 by ZxOOxZ

Recall This is a song I did with Samples From Total Recall the remake, I can't upload on here because of copyright stuff so go check it out on soundcloud and remember to follow me on there!

Recall This

Hey guys Track info

2012-07-30 22:40:37 by ZxOOxZ

Hey guys I can't release the new track on Newgrounds because of the samples in my song, however if you want to check it out you can listen to the song with the samples, the actual version on my soundcloud account which should be under my websites, I recommend checking it out because its awesome! XD

Hey guys Track info